Tink Things: Sensory-Intelligent Furniture for Kids

Tink Things is engaged in designing products that encourage the development of sensory intelligence in children.

Considering different sensory needs and using therapeutic principles to shape a comfortable environment for all kids are the driving principles behind this collection of sensory-intelligent furniture for kids. We hope these pieces can maximize the potential of children’s interplay with their surroundings.

Well-directed interaction with space, movement and play have a great influence on the growth and development, concentration and learning ability of all children. That is the case regardless of whether they have diagnosed difficulties in sensory processing. Fine motor skills and complex mental processes may well develop only on the basis of good sensory processing.

Our Mia & Ika chairs and Cufi table are the first products being developed under the Tink Things brand, for use both in private and public educational spaces. We are currently wrapping up the last details before launching.

Prototype of Mia chair
Prototypes of Mia & Ika chairs
Prototypes of Mia & Ika chair
Prototypes of Mia chair & Cufi desk
Prototype of Ika chair
Prototypes of Ika & Mia chairs
Prototypes of Mia chair & Cufi desk

Project Details

Who needs it? Every child would benefit from a sensory intelligent environment. Regardless of the presence of potential difficulties, every kid most likely fits in one or more neurological thresholds. Designed based on satisfying more challenging sensory needs, this kind of furniture can concurrently positively affect any child who interacts with it. It is fun, cozy & doesn’t feel like therapeutic equipment.

Children differ in their ability to process and respond to information within an environment while engaging in activities. One child may have difficulty sitting still during group time; another may move little during free play outside. They react in different ways because each child integrates the information obtained through their senses from the environment differently. Most children process their daily experiences and regulate their responses with ease. But when a child is consistently having difficulty maintaining a level emotional state or engaging appropriately in activities, the child may be overstimulated or under-stimulated.

Recognizing a kid in one of the threshold personalities will not only help in choosing the right products for him, but also be a guide in parent’s self-styling of other children’s activities (You can see more daily tips on developing children’s sensory intelligence here)

The Collection

Mia chair focuses on children who are sensory sensitive, both active and passive in their behavioral response to an environment.The non-fixed fabric seat helps concentration by gentle rocking and calming by providing deep pressure soothing. If feeling overwhelmed, the child can pull up the “cocoon” and partly isolate himself. Everyone can use it, but it is primarily meant for children who need isolation and soothing in order to function in a group.

Ika chair is suitable for children who need a lot of stimulation, and are active or passive in their behavioral response to environment. The seat is essentially a swing that encourages constant rocking and bouncing. Its swinging soft seat is fun for all children, but primarily made for boosting concentration and memory retention with kids who need a lot of stimulation in order to function well.

Cufi desk is a worktable which completes both chairs, making sitting, learning and listening easier and more fun for all kids. Its adjustable tabletop offers a shorter viewing angle which is needed for healthier posture during writing, drawing and reading. The panel also serves as a write and erase whiteboard, storage, a book stand or whatever you can think of.

There is a currently a waiting list for these products, but they will become available for sale soon. Learn more about pre-ordering on our website.

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