Christian Villum

Christian Villum

Driven by a keen interest in exploring new boundaries for design, Christian Villum’s work as project manager at the Danish Design Centre involves examining new trends and ideas in the span between technology and design thinking.

With a background in areas such as maker technology, sharing cultures, new business models, open data and open design, Internet culture and hacktivism, he enjoys developing communities and bringing people together with the purpose of sharing new ideas and generating change. His work at the DDC involves exploring many of these areas from a design perspective and discovering what design can be and wants to be, now and in the future.

His previous roles include co-founding and heading the experimental Platform4 Art & Technology hub, being a front-runner for the use of Creative Commons content licences, establishing the global community for the UK-based non-profit organisation Open Knowledge and initiating a wide range of entrepreneurial projects and companies.

Together with his colleague Julie Hjort, Christian is in charge of Danish Deign Centre’s strategic focus on Future Fabrication #FutureFab: exploring how to strengthen design’s role in a new production era characterized by advanced manufacturing technology, global open-source currents and easily accessible advanced hardware. In this  #FutureFab platform, the Danish Design Centre creates programmes, workshops and events together with the industry, designers, engineers and makers.

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