Eight examples of great Designeering

Take a look around you and you’ll find plenty of examples of how great design and smart engineering combine into even better designeering.

Here are eight examples to inspire your outlook.

Want to learn more about the solutions in the video? Find out in the links below.

1. A rescue ladder designed to improve harbor safety

A collaboration between designers, user researchers and engineers helped create a harbor rescue ladder that’s clearly visible from the water, more safe to use, while still durable enough to withstand harsh weather. Read more about the development of the rescue ladder here.

2. Lumir C – an LED lamp powered by a candle

Lumir C is an LED lamp that can light up a whole room, just by using a single candle light. Powered by the heat from the candle, Lumir C brings efficient lighting to parts of the world with no electricity. And with its simple design, it’ll even look good on the terrace. More about the Lumir C here.

3. Nebia shower head

Combining clever engineering and smart design, the Nebia shower head makes it possible to save water while improving the shower experience. Moreover, the unit is developed to be simple and easy to install. Get to know the technology and story behind the Nebia.

4. Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall offers a convenient and smart solution for storing energy from solar panels in private homes. The battery is compact, requiring very little space, it’s easy to install and connect to the home grid, and it requires practically no maintenance once installed. Read more about the Powerwall’s design.

5. Wind turbine skylight

Designed specifically to be used in wind turbines, the skylight adds high tolerances and features that makes it easy to install and safe to operate on the top of a wind turbine. The new design means a significant cost reduction, and better daylight diffusion provides for a better working environment for the operator working inside the turbine. Get to know more right about the wind turbine skylight.

6. Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a small, lightweight wearable device that tracks your posture with a number of biometrical sensors. Using subtle vibrations as feedback, the device gently reminds you in real-time to straighten up your posture every time you slouch. More about how the Lumo Lift works.

7. Better Shelter

The Better Shelter Housing Units are designed with special attention to transport volume, weight, price, safety as well as health and comfort. They can be set up without any additional tools, and while the packages are light and simple to transport, the shelter is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and climates. More details in this post.

8. Needlite

Needlite offers a beautiful and highly functional solution to a common problem in the northern hemisphere: We simply don’t get enough daylight during the dark months of the year. Designed as an elegant desk lamp, Needlite delivers the powerful and energizing effects of natural daylight in a convenient and efficient way. Learn about the principles behind Needlite.


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